Nymi Biometric Security & Communication Wristband

Posted: September 05, 2013
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The MYO armband is cool and all, but to turn its wearers into human remote controls, it needs them to flex. Gesture. Move. The Nymi wristband, by contrast, will transform us into biological security systems and device communicators with no more than a single, passive action: registering a pulse. Nymi detects and imprints users' heartbeats--rhythms as unique to individuals as their fingerprints--to establish device ownership, enable identity control, and allow exclusive access to and use of smartphones, tablets, or any system connected to the Nymi app.

To use the Nymi, you need only put it on your wrist. During the initial use, it will sense and memorize your heartbeat, and apply that biometric readout as a security feature to any applicable Bluetooth-enabled device you want under its tutelage. Subsequently, sliding the Nymi over your hand will power it on, initiate the recognition process, and authenticate you to use connected devices, key- and password-free, until you take the band off again.

Nymi applications and benefits include:

  • Security Stand-In. Once authenticated, use the Nymi to unlock everything from smartphones to car doors, or authorize financial transactions requiring a PIN.
  • Motion Sensing. An integrated accelerometer and gyroscope sense your movements, and allow basic gesture recognition for performing commands such as opening your door or popping the trunk.
  • Connectivity. Since the Nymi uses Bluetooth Low Energy, you can both customize program notifications for email, text, social updates, etc. and receive them without compromising device battery life.
  • Proximity Detection. The Nymi can tell you how far away you are from the devices with which it's communicating.

Nymi is currently accepting pre-orders at an introductory rate for the first 25,000 purchasers.

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