SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Posted: August 16, 2017
SureFlap Microchip Pet Door
$150 - $170.99
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Tired of the neighbor's cat Willard and his local gang of raccoons letting themselves in your dog door to clean you out of tuna fish and play poker at your kitchen table? Lock them out with SureFlap's Microchip Pet Door, an installation that grants access only to the dogs and cats that belong there.

The SureFlap syncs with either your pet's existing microchip or an included SureFlap RFID collar tag to identify it as a pooch or kitty allowed passage. When the chip / tag is in range, the door unlocks. If another animal tries to sneak through it...reeee-jected!

SureFlap Pet Doors are compatible with all microchip formats, and - excellent news, crazy cat ladies! - can store up to 32 cleared pets in its memory. It also has an optional Curfew Mode you can set to lock and unlock the door at certain times for approved pets.

If you're considering a SureFlap for yourself, or as a gift for a pet lover, make sure the dog or cat you intend to use the door has shoulders no wider than 6-1/2", and a waistline circumference of no more than 20-1/4" at its widest point.

Huh. So the Microchip Pet Door is basically for skinny little furballs. Fat Willard wouldn't fit through it anyway.

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