Schnuzzle - Scent-Based Dog Toys

Posted: September 21, 2014

Schnuzzle promises to be your best friend's new best friend. Why? Because it smells like bacon! And then it smells like BBQ beef! And then, suddenly, roast chicken! Nubby spherical and cylindrical dog toys with interchangeable scent discs, Schnuzzles apply a combination of tactile sensations and odiferous rewards to make a pooch's playtime more stimulating, dynamic, and interactive.

What are dogs known for if not their sense of smell and their enviable ability to sleep 18 hours a day? Schnuzzle toys and Scent Discs engage directly with the former to provide extended play sessions full of the engagement and fascination of food rewards, but without the gut-packing calories. Schnuzzle creators say that a dog's sense of smell is so powerful and pleasing to him that he will respond to a Schnuzzle toy's scents just as favorably as he does to one that delivers food treats.

Owners will probably respond even more favorably to Schnuzzles because their Scent Discs last much longer than biscuits and peanut butter, end up being much less expensive, and leave behind no mess. They also impart no more than a mild aroma to the human nose.

Scent Discs insert into the center of Schnuzzle modular toys and activate only once in place, as their two halves rotate over the toys' micro encapsulated surface. Like scratch 'n' sniff for the canine world, Schnuzzles release fresh bursts of scent every time Fido plays with them. In addition to savory chow-time smells, Discs also come in soothing essential oil smells for use during times that can cause dogs anxiety, such as car/air travel, periods of separation, and unfamiliar surroundings.

Schnuzzle toys are built tough and with replaceable, recyclable parts, both so that owners can create new toys from existing toys, and swap out specific chewed-up or grimy elements of a used toy rather than throw away the entire thing.

Schnuzzle scent-based dog toys seek Kickstarter crowdfunding through October 14, 2014.

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