PetChatz - Pet Communication System

Posted: November 24, 2013

The simulation of being at home when you're not at home. It's the new black. And from smartphone-controlled security systems to interactive pet communication systems like the Petcube and, now, PetChatz, the application of mobile technology to establishing omnipresence seems to be more than just a passing fad. Because who doesn't want to be in two places at once? In China on business and in the PetChatz screen right next to BoBo's water bowl, telling him what a good boy he is. In the john trying not to lose your cookies at a college buddy's New Year's Eve party and alongside Peanut in bed, getting some moral support, and dispensing a treat in thanks.

PetChatz is a trademarked Greet & Treat videophone that pet owners can use to interact with their four-legged counterparts from anywhere. Upping the sweet factor: in addition to sight and sound, PetChatz will provide good dogs and cats with tactile and scent stimulation via treat and odor dispensers. That's crazy! I'm Brian Fellow!

PetChatz caters to the full spectrum of furry friends and their owners. Now you can receive sound and motion alerts as prompts to check in on the sneaky and poorly behaved eggs who wreak havoc when left alone. PetChatz can also be set to record videos of the stinkers in the act to show as proof later, when they try to deny any involvement in the gaping hole now present in your brand new mattress. And for the well-mannered, but lonely pets (and pet owners) PetChatz serves as a consoling check-in for both parties, and means of ensuring your pet never feels too bored or neglected.

The PetChatz unit is made of durable, pet-safe material that is chew-resistant and has no corners, edges, or electrical cords. It mounts directly over an outlet and screws into a wall stud for added stability. Connection is through WiFi, and the system is compatible with: Android dual core and up; iPhone 4S and later; iPad; and any computer with a webcam.

At printing, PetChatz was available for pre-order to US and Canada residents. Each package includes the PetChatz wall unit, one pack each of PetChatz dispenser Treatz and Scentz Pads, a sample vial of PetChatz Scentz Calm Drops, and installation instructions.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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