Pet Teepee Dog & Cat Bed

Posted: December 20, 2017
Pet Teepee Dog & Cat Bed
$39.99 - $69.99
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Is the name of the dog in this Pet Teepee "Little Dove?" That's adorrrrrable! It's also what Cersei Lannister used to call Sansa Stark, so I hope that pup grows up and grows fangs faster than the Lady of Winterfell.

The 24" x 20" Pet Teepee is a dog and cat bed suitable for animals less than 15 pounds. So really it's just a lapdog / puppy / dire wolf cub and cat bed. The native-inspired sleeping tent is made of 100% cotton canvas held in place with pine poles. You can choose to order your teepee with no bottom cushion if your kitty or pup already as a favorite to stuff inside, or with a thick cushion, fur mat, or heat-resisting mat. You can also add a waterproof cover to the purchase.

Pet Teepees arrive preassembled, and the canvas covers are machine washable.

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