Odin Modular Puzzle Dog Toy

Posted: June 25, 2015

We have geometric rubber dog toys and we have dog toys that dole out treats to clever pooches who solve their puzzle. What Up Dog Toys feels we've been missing are dog toys that sport a modern design. You know, that won't ug up your house like the crusty tennis balls and gnawed-up hedgehog. So in addition to developing a roly-poly polygon that's fun to chew and nuzzle, and mentally stimulating with its reward-based configuration, the simple, jet-black Odin also looks like a deliberate piece of home decor you wouldn't mind displaying on your coffee table. I mean, except for the fact that it will have dog snot and drool all over it, and probably smell like rancid kibble.

At least it's dishwasher safe.

At its heart, The Odin encourages pet interaction with integrated flaps that hold small treats. Dogs attracted to the smell of payoff bat the toy around, and as it rolls and thumps, the treats tumble out. Dogs get stimulation between the ears, activity between the lungs, and a reward that makes them want more. Yahtzee.

For larger dogs, smarter dogs, or just to keep things interesting for the little boneheads, The Odin is also modular. Connect 2 or more toys to add bulk and variety, or increase the difficulty of treat access.

The Odin is made of non-toxic materials free of BPAs and latex.

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