HyperDog Ball Launcher

Posted: July 13, 2012

If the X Games had a Fetch event, the HyperDog Ball Launcher would certainly be canine owners' competition implement of choice. Designed to slingshot tennis balls over 200 feet laterally, the next step up from this behemoth specimen of point-and-shoot would be a tennis ball gatling gun. I'm not sure how many dogs are even out there who wouldn't tell their owners to pound sand after playing just one round of this grueling variation on their otherwise-favorite outdoor activity. Understandably too, given that human energy expenditure in the ball launcher fetch collaboration is basically zero. With the HyperDog, we don't have to rotate our shoulders, flick our wrists, or even bend over to pick up the ball.

Launchers come with 2- or 4-ball storage baskets, and require no assembly. To use, simply place a ball in the flexible nylon strap, pull back the launcher, tell Spot to suck his shit up, and let 'er rip. When the pooch returns the ball all nice and slimy with slobber, mud, and a few strands of doggie snot, just lean forward and scoop it back up into the launcher's basket hands-free.

HyperDog Ball Launchers have solid steel frames covered in a baked-on rust- and chip-resistant coating. Surgical grade tubing gives balls their wicked power and trajectory.

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