Electric Flea Zapper for Pets

Posted: April 27, 2014
Electric Flea Zapper for Pets
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This flea zapper for dogs and cats is made by Epilady. I'm pretty sure that's the same company that made a device my grandma used to use to rip the hair out of her legs by the root. I know this only because during visits to her house I would often get up from the couch to make sure she wasn't under attack when her piercing screams from the bathroom disrupted my episode of Family Matters. But probably Epilady did a better job crafting this electrically-charged zapper intended to annihilate parasites that have infiltrated the bodies of our helpless pets. Or maybe they just moved to manufacturing for the animal kingdom because they can't get the cops called with their cries of pain so easily.

Seriously though, since it's nontoxic and pesticide-free, the Flea Zapper may actually be the safest way to eliminate the fleas terrorizing your pet's coat. Comb the device through dry fur and it will detect and destroy fleas on contact by emitting an electrical current powerful enough to exterminate the pests, but minute enough that Rover and Toonces shouldn't even feel it. No gels, oils, or mess required. Further, while some reports show fleas can build an immunity to chemicals used in other treatments, they will never out-evolve the Flea Zapper.

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