Duckface Dog Muzzle

By: on September 05, 2012
  • Duckface Dog Muzzle
  • Duckface Dog Muzzle
  • Quack - the Duckface Dog Muzzle
  • Duckface Dog Muzzle
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Oh man, I really hope dogs aren't smarter than we think they are. Does it get more humiliating than a Duckface Muzzle? Quack, an OPPO Japan bit of "You poor canine bastard" is a soft silicone dog muzzle available in yellow, pink, or brown, and sized for dogs yippy to beastly. OK, really just yippy to slightly-less-yippy. Quacks' material design makes them suitable only for smaller breeds. But should you have an erratic French bulldog or ornery chihuahua, Quacks promise to keep them comfortable, and those they encounter safe from unbridled and wandering teeth and jaws. The only repercussion is the utter demolition of the pooch's pride and annihilation of his or her street cred--things most owners don't really care about anyway, especially once they start considering all the sweet duckface shots they're going to be able to post on dog-shaming.com.

Size Small Quacks measure about 4.3" around the mouth, and are tailored to breeds such as toy poodles and pomeranians. Mediums are approximately 5.7" around, and fit the likes of dachshunds and miniature pinschers. Larges measure 5.9" and cater to border collie-types.

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