Dog Overalls

Posted: April 09, 2013
Dog Overalls
$39.95 - $79.99
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The list of items people inexplicably buy for their pets just keeps getting longer. I can't imagine any dog--even a neutered dog--forcibly suited up in a pair of Hurtta's canine overalls not spending every second thereafter trying desperately to gnaw them off his being. Even if it means taking a leg off in the process.

Fittingly made of waterproof but breathable Houndtex material, Hurtta outdoor overalls for they of four legs and fur endeavor to keep pets clear of rain and dirt. Made specifically with long-haired dogs in mind, the resilient top coat protects au naturel coats during walks, hikes, and possibly roll-arounds in mud and other animals' shit so that owners don't have to decide between bathing their dogs more often than is healthy or accepting cohabitation with the smell of must, muck, mud, and other animals' shit.

Overalls have adjustable waists, necklines, and sleeves so that dogs don't feel constricted wearing them, though I think I speak for all men when I say All clothes are constricting. I don't care how comfortable or soft or breathable or light they claim to be, when given the choice between clothes and no clothes, we're going to pick no clothes. It's one of the 25 things we envy most about dogs, right after being able to lick women without reprimand, pee at will in public, and catch a frisbee between their teeth.

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