Dog High Chair

Posted: September 09, 2013
Dog High Chair

Some people might say allowing a dog to sit in a high chair and eat dinner at the table with the rest of the family is unsanitary, or even vile, but I really have no problem with the hygiene aspect of the activity. Toddlers crawl around on the ground and touch and lick shove their faces into just as many disgusting things as dogs and they're allowed at fork level. I've even seen kids smash and drool on and chew up and spit out food that their moms subsequently eat up like 3-Michelin-star meal.

However, while it makes for comical imagery, I do think a dog high chair is kind of ridiculous and, from a pragmatic standpoint, would much rather see a baby food dish for the floor.

Four-legged-friend high chairs hold pets weighing up to 10 pounds, and ensure they will not feel lonely or left out or like that hunk of flank steak is just a little too far out of reach to make a play for again.

Muchas danke to Crnchy.

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