Cat Hamster Wheel

By: on December 24, 2012
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In a way I hate the idea of the Toy-Go-Round cat hamster wheel because really the only kinds of cats I like are the lazy fat ones that look as if they might go into cardiac arrest if they even stood up. But in another way, look at that cat running on a hamster wheel in the video! It's almost like it realizes it's getting played and looks like a complete fool and everyone (definitely me) is laughing at it, but it just...can't...stop. Cap it all off with "Eye of the Tiger" pumping in the background, and you get a pet exercise wheel that's pure, raw money.

Well, that's what it costs anyway. Cat Wheel Company has a lengthy list of benefits for felines using their Toy-Go-Round, and for the wheel's steep $350 price tag, I can only hope at least half of them are valid. Here's the spin:

  • The Toy-Go-Round dramatically reduces bad cat behavior resulting from boredom. [Please say this includes peeing on things. I can't think of a substance on earth more vile and noxious and able to make me wish I had no sense of smell like this guy Stan I know than cat pee.]
  • The Toy-Go-Round keeps cats fit and healthy by offering a unique opportunity for indoor exercise. [Yeahhh, but so does this, and it costs less than $20.]
  • The Toy-Go-Round diminishes feline aggressiveness. [If this is true, sold. Cats are some mean mothers.]
  • The Toy-Go-Round helps cats sleep better at night. [But will it help them sleep better somewhere besides on my face?]
  • The Toy-Go-Round curbs appetite. [Again, I don't consider this a benefit.]
  • The Toy-Go-Round will curb kitties' desires to escape your household. [I understand not beating them and/or dressing them up like princesses and making them partake in tea parties accomplishes this too.]
  • The Toy-Go-Round alleviates destructive scratching. [My arms and face appreciate that.]
  • The Toy-Go-Round hinders compulsive behaviors. [By replacing them with a different one.]

Cat hamster wheels are made from strong, but lightweight, recycled plastic and support cats up to 50 pounds. Holy crap, can someone please send me a picture of a 50-pound cat? They measure 43" in diameter and have a 10" wide running tread (tread pads included). Smooth spinning occurs on a dual ball bearing axle. The Toy-Go-Rounds come in solid black; the sweet tiger marking stickers will run you an additional $10.

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Samurai Pet Armor for Cats & Dogs

Don't let that samurai-armored Shiba Inu's smile fool you. The dog is ready for feudal Japan levels of combat. See his samurai sword? Hiding there in his mouth? If I were you I'd armor up, find a weapon, and brace yourself....

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$20,000 Hypoallergenic Designer House Cat


The Ashera is possibly the only cat that is acceptable for a single male to own. Because it's about the size of an ocelot, and weighs 30 freakin' pounds. And that's 30 pounds of genetically-gifted muscle, not 30 pounds...

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Cat Battle Armor

$500 - $520 from Etsy »

Quick, someone get this cat a lance! He's scheduled to joust one of the guinea pigs from G-Force at high noon and only just finished his battle armor fitting. I don't know if he's ready for this. The pigs have been training...

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OGarden Rotating Indoor Plant Wheel

$1,397 from OGarden »

OGarden thinks your plants might like to take a ride on the ferris wheel too. This rotating indoor garden gives those of us without the space or climate conditions we'd need to grow our own food in a VegTrug outdoors...

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Delectables SqueezeUps - Go-Gurt for Cats

$15.76 - $17.99 from Amazon »

I can has creamy tuna Go-Gurt? Yes, cats of the world, thanks to Delectables SqueezeUps, you can. Fire up your tongue and mind your claws because this is how this treat session's gonna go: I hold and squeeze, you lick...

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DrivewaySpike U-Turn Deterrents

$39.95 - $44.95 from Amazon »

Is this a real problem? Or rather, is it such a big deal? People using your driveway as a turnaround. Cars getting lost or going one street too far and pulling into 20' of your pavement to correct their mistake. Since...

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Taxidermy Animal Drones

When I first read about, but hadn't yet seen, Copter Company's taxidermy animal drones I though they just sounded kinda goofy. Then I got a look at the Orvillecopter here. A spread-eagle taxidermied quad-cat-ter flying...

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Cat Cool Pot Bed Pet Cooling Tray

Japan Trend Shop says the Cat Cool Pot Bed "functions as both a pet bed and as fun decoration to make your cat look cute." I thought they were going to say the dish made from "cooling aluminum" functions as both a cat...

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Dog & Cat Temperament Leashes & Collars

$14.99 - $19.99 from Amazon »

Dexil's leashes and collars announce your dog or cat ahead of its licks and wags...or tucked tails...or snarls, hisses, claws, and teeth. The line of leads and restraints display pet temperament both by color and big...

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Oscillot Cat Containment System

On first viewing of the Oscillot video you might think installing one of the spinning paddle perimeters along the top of your fence is like building a prison for your cat. Condemning him to being that inmate who gets...

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Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

FREE from Instructables »

Get in your wheels and start churning out the fiscal year-end spreadsheets, hamsters! And when you're done don't forget to thank me for the bulged disks and sciatica I'm preventing by allowing you to stand up and walk...

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Exploding Kittens Card Game - NSFW Edition

$19.99 from Amazon »

Unlike run-of-the-mill kitten explosions, Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition contains content that is not suitable for your workplace or children. And even though no one seems to be saying it, I'm guessing a card game featuring...