The Jacks Crying Candles

Posted: September 04, 2015
$28 - $48
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A few things about the Jacks. 1) They are candles niftily designed to cry at you. Like a mime or sad clown. Or 2) A sinister skull whose tears stem from his melting braaaaain. Or 3) A bunny. That looks a little like that creepy effed up rabbit from Donnie Darko. Actually, if you bred the skull candle with the bunny candle, the result would look exactly like Frank. 4) There's also a deer. Because apparently a critical mass of consumers wants to incorporate a re-enactment of Bambi finding his dead mom into their home decor.

Anyway, want to see the Jacks in action? Here's a GIF.

Sculpy, a tag team of a 3D artist and a sculptor, created the Jacks. The candle bases are made of ceramic and come in black or white. Skull, Rabbit, and Deer each have their own trademark candles too. The aforementioned brain burns inside the Skull base, while Rabbit gets a pair of pointy Frank ears and Deer an admittedly cool-looking branch of antlers. Candles also come in the buyer's choice of color and fragrances, with Pink/Cocopalm, Blue/Lavender, Yellow/Pure Cotton, White/Vanilla White, or Black/Cacao to choose from. Candles are made from soy wax and scented oil, and have a burn time of around 30 hours for the brain, and 5 to 10 hours for the ears and antlers.

Once your Jack has shed its last tear, the ceramic bases can be reused as planters, ash trays, change bowls, whatever gyrates your pelvis. The Jacks seek Kickstarter crowdfunding through September 23, 2015.

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