Support the Troops Car Decal

Posted: March 15, 2014
Support the Troops Car Decal
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Ten cents from every one of these Support the Troops car decals sold will go toward building the next Death Star. Good news for members of the Dark Side. A terrible blow, though, to Jedis and Rebel supporters. Who's going to stage the counterattack now? Mark Hamill still exists only in magazine articles about bad plastic surgery. Harrison Ford barely made it through that last Indiana Jones installation 6 years ago. And Billy Dee Williams just traded warring with the stars for dancing with them. Lando, you're killing me, dude. The armies of stormtroopers, the Imperial forces, the fight to control a galaxy far, far away...this galaxy could make it happen. By buying a Support the Troops decal for your rear windshield, you could make it happen.

The letters and stormtrooper helmet in the Support the Troops parody decal are die-cut from 6-year material and positioned to cover 3-1/2" x 6" of glass. Any smooth surface is fair game for adhesion, from car/truck windows to laptops to the mirror on your bedroom ceiling.

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