Sprayable Energy - Caffeinated Body Mist

Posted: August 23, 2013

You know how some people pour vodka in their eye or, like, soak a tampon in it and then stick it up their butt to get drunk quick and calorie-free? Well now there's a similar--albeit safer and way less disgusting--way to introduce caffeine to your body. Sprayable Energy, a perfume-y looking tube with a pump head, transmits caffeine from not coursing through your veins to cruising at full force by way of topical application. A few spritzes of the unscented, colorless mist to exposed skin, and 15 to 30 minutes later, you'll start feeling as juiced as a 5-pound bag of oranges in the hands of Jack LaLanne.

Sprayable Energy creators Ben Yu and Deven Soni note that most caffeinated products sold as energy boosters "currently suck" as a result of their side effects, cost, caloric content, questionable ingredients, and heinous taste. They developed their caffeinated dousing as a solution to all of these quandaries, touting Sprayable Energy as:

  • Quickly applied. Pump 2 to 4 sprays onto the skin and return immediately to the desktop. Or to chasing down that monkey who stole the compromising photos your friend Cornelius took the day you agreed to test out the Squatty Potty.
  • Released slowly, so the body maintains its energy bump for up to 5 hours, rather than getting all gorilla-in-heat jacked up and then crashing.
  • Free of side effects, such as headaches, nausea, and the shakes.
  • Free of calories and "supplemental" ingredients, such as colorful bulls and Top 40 musicians.
  • Inexpensive. Each $15 aluminum bottle contains 40+ applications (160 sprays).
  • Portable. Small enough to slip into a pocket, purse, or car glove box.

Sprayable Energy works because caffeine, like nicotine, is down for entering the body through skin cell membranes, and also because Yu and Soni are way smarter than your average bear, and even your average smart person, and figured out that they could use a natural amino acid called tyrosine to circumvent caffeine's water solubility shortcomings (the tyrosine increases its water solubility five-fold, which in turn allows its transport by way of a sprayable liquid.) And now all of their chemistry and biology aptitude trickles down...or rather wafts over...to you. Pledge for your own Sprayable Energy tubes on Indiegogo while the team's crowdfunding campaign is still live--through September 30, 2013.

PS: If you're really partial to it, I bet you can go ahead and spray Sprayable Energy in your eye or up your butt too.

August 2014 Update: Pursuant to a successful crowdfunding campaign, Sprayable Energy is now available for direct purchase through the company's Website--follow the link below.

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