Shark Sleeping Bag

Posted: August 21, 2013
Shark Sleeping Bag
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Is there any sight more precious and heartwarming than a loved one sleeping peacefully within the jaws of a shark? Oh come on, in a way he's protecting them. I hear that even kidnappers, bogeymen, and dogs who like humping faces won't do anything to anger the Reapers of the sea. Nestled between rows and rows...and rows...of blade-sharp teeth this sleeping bag occupant might in fact be in the safest place in the world.

The Chumbuddy Shark Sleeping Bag is a touch unwieldy for backpacking trips--though again, make the effort to schlep it with you, and rest easy knowing bears and Bigfoot will X you off their To Eat list--but ranks as the swellest of swell additions to other occasions. Like a slumber party. And the bribe you've concocted to get the 8-year-old son of a MILF to tell his mom you're the bee's knees and he would love it if she sent him to his grandma's house for the weekend and invited you over on Saturday night.

The shark's dorsal fin removes to double as a pillow. Or, you know, a sex Wedge.

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