Liquid Glass Putty

By: on July 05, 2013
Liquid Glass Putty
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Crazy Aaron says his Liquid Glass Thinking Putty is "so clear you'll think the can is empty." Well thanks for the warning, Crazy A, because I'm tired of spending the money I work so hard to earn from my mama's allowance account on cans of nothing. So far I have amassed vessels that do not contain: a genie; the soul of a Ming dynasty warrior; and an invisible alien. But this time, "nothing" is going to have weight and movement and squishability.

Liquid Glass Thinking Putty is part of an extensive line of stretchable, kneadable, bounceable, poppable Crazy Aaron compounds. Its transparent nature gives the feeling of playing with molten glass, except play time won't end with hands full of third degree burns.

Unlike others in its line, the Liquid Glass putty installment also flows into a puddle on its own. Hey, so does my friend Cornelius' bladder after too many Miller Lights. Zing!