Got Snipped Vasectomy Gift Baskets

By: on March 10, 2015
$34.99 - $75.99
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It's that mad, mad, mad, mad time of year. With March comes Selection Sunday. With Selection Sunday comes the NCAA Tournament. And with the NCAA Tournament comes...vasectomies. Lots and lots of vasectomies. More vasectomies in a weeklong period than occur in any given month--maybe multiple months--at all other times of the year. Although live online streaming now makes it easier for men to sneak in viewings of 1st and 2nd round tournament action at the office, nothing compares to spending 2 solid days parked on the couch watching college basketball on a 65" flat screen with a few 6-packs. Even if it means getting snipped to get license to do it.

And now electively surrendering your ability to reproduce can come not only with a coupla days' recovery time at the height of March Madness, but also a sweet Got Snipped gift basket stashed with all the comforts you'll need to get over saying goodbye to your seeds of life. Most notably, that means some tightie whities to stabilize my family jewels, beer koozies to insulate my Bud Light Limes, and a hand bell so I don't go hoarse on top of hacked up in my nether regions yelling MAAAMAAA! I need some more ice and a large plate of nachos!

Got Snipped gift baskets come in sizes Ultimate and Deluxe. The Ultimate set uses a PEVA insulated backpack cooler large enough to store an 18-pack of 12 oz. cans to house:

  • A steel hand bell.
  • A set of golf balls. In the color blue. Obviously.
  • 2 x pint glasses inscribed with the message, "R.I.P. My Vas Deferens," to eulogize the loss.
  • 6-inch English-style ice pack to help ease swollen peens.
  • 2 x neoprene beer koozies, also printed with the inspirational, "They can take my vas deferens, but they will never take...my FREEDOM!!!"
  • A 3-pack of tightie whities.
  • 2 x DVDs, the buyer's choice from Got Snipped's collection of "highly re-watchable" flicks.

The Deluxe Got Snipped Basket is a smaller version of the ultimate that arrives in a 6-pack-sized PEVA cooler. It includes the hand bell, koozies, golf balls, an RIP vas deferens shot glass, and the buyer's choice of 1 x DVD.

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