EggMap Stress Ball Navigators

Posted: September 02, 2015
EggMap Stress Ball Navigators

You might consider EggMaps superfluous in our age of nearly infallible GPS navigators and Google Maps that can walk you up and down every street in Budapest from your couch. But Hungarian design student Denes Sator still deserves kudos for his idea, which not only condenses the street map of an entire city on a palm-sized egg, but also incorporates a brilliant "manual zoom" feature: squeeze it and the segment of the city you're looking at instantly bulges outward, enlarging the details of its streets, nearby services, and points of interest to a readable size.


I use that word only in honor of its addition to the Oxford Dictionary last week, and because in EggMap's case, I think it truly applies.

And the candied bacon on top of this omelet? That the EggMap also gives a nod to the classic squeezable stress busters in its design and function. Because who hasn't felt stressed, frustrated, like wringing their hands (or their travel companions' necks), or like squeezing the bejeezus out of one of these things when wandering the streets lost in a strange city with a dead phone battery and an unwieldy map flapping in the wind?

EggMaps are filled with air and virtually indestructible. Sator suggests dropping one, stepping on it, or throwing it against the wall to test the claim. And to blow off some steam waiting for the next train out of Frankfurt. The egg is filled with air (not weird goo or crispy shards of plastic composites) so it's super light too.

For navigation, the EggMap uses a different color to represent each quarter.

To learn more about EggMaps, their launch date and pre-order information, sign up for the mail list on the EggMap Facebook page.

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