Bacon Band Aids

Posted: August 25, 2011
Bacon Band Aids
  • Bacon Band Aids
  • Bacon Band Aids-9782
  • Bacon Band Aids-3700
  • Bacon Band Aids-3275
  • Bacon Band Aids-502
  • Bacon Band Aids-7838
  • Bacon Band Aids-581
  • Bacon Band Aids-7843
  • Bacon Band Aids-2041
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It's a well known fact that placing a cold slab of meat over the source of your boo boos helps with the healing process. Get these, keep them in the freezer, and slab them over your paper cuts, scrapes, burns and bullet wounds you weenies.

These babies come in over a dozen variations of craziness. Sushi, pirate, monster, pickle, jesus. Check out the pics!

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