Baby Up In This B*tch Car Decal

By: on May 01, 2015
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Step back, son, and give this minivan a wide berth. Because the soccer mom driving it: 1) is a terrible speed-up-slow-down-please-just-pick-a-lane driver; 2) keeps yelling at her 8-year-old to put the lid back on his go cup; 3) is trying to ask Siri how to get blue-raspberry slushee out of vehicle upholstery; and 4) has a baby up in that bitch.

If you have a baby on board, but are more of the mindset that you have a baby up in this bitch, or you just want to communicate to other drivers in a less stuck-up way that you are being extra cautious on the road on account of your shiny new offspring, here's the decal that will help you do it. "Baby Up in This Bitch" is die cut from material intended to last 6+ years with exterior application. It measures approximately 6" x 6".

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Naughty People Outlet Stickers

$10.10 from Amazon »

These naughty people. Doing doggy style on an electrical outlet. Didn't their mamas teach them anything? Dude better keep his finger out of his lady's mouth (and eyes if they're into that sort of thing) or this love session...

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Talelight Modifiable Digital Bumper Sticker

$99 from Amazon »

In America, there is no better way to share your love, hate, political leanings, religious beliefs, and philosophical musings than the rear end of your car. (Well, except Facebook.) Talelight makes bumper sticker expressionism...

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Rock, Paper, Scissors Star Trek Patch

$10.99 from Amazon »

While this Star Trek patch of Scotty, Spock, and Kirk throwing down in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors is very cute 'n' clever, does anyone think Spock would ever not win a round? I mean, sure, the Vulcan Salute makes...

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Metal Core Door Decals

$79.95 from Fandom Planet »

Oooh, I don't need a game controller or a code or critical thinking skills to open these metal core doors. I might even be able to kick them in without risk of shattering multiple bones in my foot. Probably I'd just jam...

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Fake Wall Outlet Sticker Prank

$6.99 from Amazon »

Just Basic Dave took one look at these Fake Wall Outlet Stickers and he knew: the next great prank of 2017 had arrived. Through his Twitter account Dave has posted videos of his fake outlet shenanigans at the airport...

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PS4 Retro Nintendo Skin

$29.99 from Decal Girl »

This retro Nintendo skin for the PlayStation 4 is what I'm giving to Cornelius as a Pre-Christmas and, more importantly, consolation gift since he will not be having sex with any regularity (i.e., at all) for the foreseeable...

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Sarlacc Toilet Decals

Like most great ideas, Robbie Rane came up with his Toilet Sarlacc decals while hanging out with friends, having a few beers, and talking shit. One guy mentioned dropping the kids off at the pool. Another spoke of ending...

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Tire Graficx Custom Tire Decals

$39.99 from Tire Graficx »

Tire Graficx will make you a set of custom tire decals that tell everyone exactly how you roll....

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Your Stick Figure Family Was Delicious Decal

$2.95 from Amazon »

The problem with free speech is that it makes everyone think it's OK for them to say something. For our forefathers, free speech meant frank debates and sweeping public addresses. Today it means Facebook tirades, anonymous...

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Standing Mixer Shark Plane Decals

$17.75 from Amazon »

I know you've been looking everywhere for it and now I've found it for you: a way to pimp your KitchenAid. A kit that will make creating cookie dough and kneading bread in your standing mixer look manly and badass. This...

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Objects in Mirror Are Losing Decal

$1.95 - $6.99 from Amazon »

Now drive slow, honey, it's not a race. Ha! Clearly that bit of motherly wisdom is a crock, as indicated by this vehicle manufacturer-issued decal right here on my side view mirror. It is a race, Mama. And all of those...

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Legend of Zelda Keyboard Stickers

Sold Out from Amazon »

Bring some life--and health hearts and magic potion--to your QWERTY pursuits with a set of Legend of Zelda keyboard stickers. You'll be able to find Z-E-L-D-A with a few easy keystrokes, and punch out G-A-N-O-N with your...