45 Caliber Gun Key Blank

Posted: March 11, 2014
  • 45 Caliber Gun Key Blank
  • 45 Caliber Gun Key Blank
  • 45 Caliber Gun Key Blank
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Sold as a blank, Schlage Lock Company's 45 caliber pistol key cuts to fully loaded and ready to fire up the car, blast open the front door, or shoot up the lid to the porn stash and secret cell phone your wife believes are important, yet very boring, financial documents she would never have reason or desire to look at. The gun-shaped key blank serves as an easy (and cheap!) gift, or an easy (and cheap!) way to differentiate your keys. Hunters might prefer the rifle version, while tinkerers and crazed dentists opt for the electric drill.

I think I'd like a whole set of novelty blanks to transform my otherwise boring grip of keys into a carnival of weapons and tools that will exemplify my hobbies and interests. Noticeably missing will be the acoustic guitar key blank, which is reserved for Kumbaya campfire singers and people who look like I want to punch them in the face, such as John Mayer.

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