Woojer Tactile Subwoofer - Feel the Sound

By: on October 31, 2014
$99 - $179
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Woojer is a tiny subwoofer you situate on your favorite place to experience tactile vibrations (er, favorite place above the belt). Then when you fire up your music or video game, the sound won't just resonate in your ears but throughout your entire body. Like an arrow through the heart and a bear hug for the soul, Woojer will illuminate your life by letting you feel the sound. Or at least make rocking out and gaming a little more fun and immersive for you.

Designed by a rock concert audio engineer, Woojer is the first compact device able to translate audio signals into tactile sensation. To anyone not connected to it, the subwoofer is silent and unnoticeable, and to anyone who is, it's low-profile (the size of a matchbox) and simple to use. Connect Woojer to any piece of audio equipment and headphones that have 3.5mm jacks and its polyphonic transducer will convert the sounds of music, movies, and video games into inaudible, physical vibrations. Creators hope this multi-sensory effect will augment users' experience by making their bodies feel the exposure to high acoustic energy.

Woojer's primary purpose, like that of most of my favorite things, is to provide entertainment to a society of rabid consumers. However, the deliverer of tactile enjoyment also has a happy by-product in its nature: feeling the sound through a miniature box can benefit the hearing-impaired as well. Woojer's transmission of lower sound frequencies and audio-tactile stimulation was previously possible only by standing next to strong, decidedly non-portable loudspeakers. Now those suffering hearing loss have an option to physically connect to music from anywhere.

Woojer connects to both the audio device and headphones via two 3.5mm jacks at its base. Bodily placement is up to the user, but the company recommends one of the following: the sternum; the front of the hip by the hipbone; on the lapel near the collarbone; or on the belt opposite the spine. Woojers have 2 switches for On/Off and vibration level adjustment functions. Their rechargeable battery provides about 4 hours of continuous listening.

Woojers are sold as single units and Extreme packages with 2 units--one for the chest and another for the belt.

The Woojer is a top Dude Gift for a Teen and Gift for a Musician pick.

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