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Posted: December 05, 2012
BlackDiamond3 Wireless Speaker
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I've been looking for a speaker than can bump & grind as well as I do. The BlackDiamond3, a wireless/Bluetooth model compatible with all iProducts and most smartphones, raves in up to 16,000,000 LED colors, syncing vividly with your cuts' tempo, and making music you can see. To boot, it comes as a set of left and right 3W*2 speakers that glisten and sparkle and look polygonal all over just like the nonexistent black diamonds after which they are named.

An included remote control dictates both the speakers' music and illumination settings, the latter of which can be programmed to flowing or fixed color schemes, or aligned with Kanye's beat for 3 different kinds of tempo-driven light shows. Additional features:

  • Bass resonant tube to provide powerful low frequency music.
  • Built-in Equalizer to improve audio response by 10dB.
  • Other multi-color special effects, such as Rainbow and Aurora.
  • Optional use of cell phone for music control.
  • Easy-to-connect Bluetooth capabilities--auto-pairing, auto-linking, no password required, and effective distance of over 30 feet.

You've already got a pillow to gaze at during acid trips. Now it's time to check out the BlackDiamond3 Speaker on nights filled with Fireball and Original Thai Red Bull.

PS: If you watch the video, fast forward to about 5 minutes in to see the lighted bump & grind tempo display.

Muchas danke to--oh, yeah--Manny for the product suggestion.

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