Skull & Spine Beer Bong

Posted: October 09, 2013
Skull & Spine Beer Bong
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Obviously this skull & spine beer bong establishes instant credibility by appearing in photos with a can of PBR. Which is a gustatory delight because, as I say every time I take my first drink of a tall boy, it tastes like saltine crackers. You know how tasty PB&J on saltines is? Well it's got nothing--nothing!--on a PB&J on PBR. Just throw them all in a blender together and pulse it up. Morning smoothie: done.

That said, if I were to chug a beer through a mock human spine, I might prefer one that swaps out the yeast for a more realistic marrow flavor. A rich porter or stout perhaps.... Speaking of stout, which makes me think of Guinness, which makes me think of Ireland, my old Irish friend Seamus was always on about skulling pints. Skull yer pints, lads, he'd say. This is what we'll do now. We'll take 3 shots and whoever finishes last has to skull a pint. Well this one's for you, Seamus--a skull & spine beer bong for all the ultimate in pint-skulling experiences.

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