Skeleton Dog with LED Eyes

Posted: October 20, 2015
  • Skeleton Dog with LED Eyes
  • Skeleton Dog with LED Eyes
  • Skeleton Dog with LED Eyes
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Do your kids keep pestering you to get a dog? Then set up Bones here in their bedroom one night. And just as they settle in, as you've shut the door and headed back to the couch--flick!--on goes the timer controlling his glowing red LED eyes. I bet they'll stop asking.

The skeleton dog will fit right in to any haunted home this Halloween, as well as decorate the yard of anyone who wants to creep out the mailman and tick off their neighbors all year long. Bones the bloodless bulldog stands 12" tall and 18" long from head to decomposed backside. His glowing red eyes are battery-operated (3 x AG13 batteries included) and should burn for 6 hours when flicked on.

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