Predator Mask

Posted: April 20, 2012
Predator Mask

Though it may seem that this Predator Mask would be useful only as a Halloween costume, it in fact has a wealth of practical applications. Obviously it will give children, and probably dogs, horrific nightmares, and so serves as an excellent tool for potty training, and general attempts to condition good behavior. As suggested by one of the photos, it also mounts snugly to a stake to transform into the type of lawn ornament that guarantees to keep everyone from missioning Mormons to Girl Scouts to Cousin Eddy and the RV well away from your front door.

Handcrafted on commission by master prop maker Neil Taylor, the Predator Mask is a full size helmet that fits over a human head, and exacts about 38 minutes of bloodcurdling debauchery before the wearer passes out from a lack of oxygen. Taylor is also planning to evil genius up some wall-mounted Predator Trophy Masks in the near future. A gallery of all of his disturbingly exquisite creations can be found on his personal Website, Faustus70.

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