Glass Skull Beverage Dispenser

Posted: October 16, 2019
Skull Glass Beverage Dispenser
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Get into the Halloween spirit by serving your Halloween spirits straight from this...Halloween spirit.

The glass skull beverage dispenser takes looks like a mason jar that's been possessed by my dead grandma and warped into her likeness. Her likeness after her flesh rotted away, of course. I say that because Grandma loved her some canning, and Grandma loved her some spiked punch.

Add the glass skull beverage dispenser to your Halloween decor or party activities, or just set it outside with some paper cups on the 31st and tell the kiddos you're handing out hydration instead of candy this year. Earn yourself a new entry on my list of the worst Halloween candy.

The glass skull holds 3 liters, or about 3/4 gallon of liquid, and comes with the 2 silicone gaskets, a silicone nut, and the pictured plastic spigot. All are detachable for easier cleaning after use.

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