Darth Vader Pumpkin Push-ins

Posted: October 24, 2013
Darth Vader Pumpkin Push-ins
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Vader pumpkin. Not only does it look better than any squash I could carve, but making one will take me about 45 seconds instead of 3 hours. Though I do like the idea of spray painting the Darth Vader pumpkin black and positioning him in front of a bunch of other pumpkins that have been slashed and marred as if by lightsaber. That could require an additional 8 or so minutes of my time. Still...Darth Vader Pumpkin Push-ins...sold!

Each set of Star Wars pumpkin embellishers includes a Darth Vader head, a chest piece, and 2 hands, one of which showboats a lightsaber.

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