ShooAway Chemical Free Fly Repellent

Posted: August 17, 2017
ShooAway Chemical Free Fly Repellent
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When you're tired of flapping fingers and fly swatters, try a different style of shoo-away. The ShooAway fly repellent does what your hands, handhelds, and handy noxious strips cannot: it deters bugs from buzzing near you - and your BBQ spread - automatically, constantly, and without chemicals.

Don't get me wrong, I find great satisfaction in using bug zapper racquets and salt-filled shotguns. But these tools take out only one at a time. And then four more return in its place. Especially when there's food to be had. Flies are very similar to me and boys in that way. The ShooAway claims it can keep the flies at bay en masse, and show up extra helpful when you're eating or cooking outdoors.

Each ShooAway unit covers about 2 to 3 feet around it, spinning soft, flexible blades that stop without causing harm if food or your hand blocks them. The ends of the blades also have holographmatic discs, dots ShooAway says have been proven to further repel flies, I guess by messing with their thousands of eyes.

The fly-thwarting device functions 100% free of chemical additives. Unless you count the 2 x AA batteries needed to power the ShooAway motor chemical additives.

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