The Executioner - Bug Zapper Racquet

Posted: July 20, 2013
The Executioner - Bug Zapper Racquet
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We as humans have such cold-blooded and violent feelings towards insects as a species. We could sympathetically and euphemistically "eliminate" and "dispose of" them, but instead we swat, squash, zap, smash, exterminate, and pound them to gooey bits. We use noxious sprays, electricity, bare hands, and brute force not just to encourage bugs and spiders encroaching our personal space to go play elsewhere, but to ERADICATE THEM FROM THE EARTH. And we give the tools we use to assist ourselves portentous names such as Raid, Triazicide, Bug-A-Salt, and...dundundun!...The Executioner.

Disguised as an innocent tennis racquet, The Executioner packs over 100,000 lethal zaps into its 1.2mm zinc steel grill. Activation requires 2 (included) AA batteries and the press of a button to ignite an electrical charge. The handheld device maintains the satisfying flash and snap! of contact in which we've come to take such great pleasure when it comes to serving bugs their death, but unlike hanging bug zappers, The Executioner's exposed nature also makes it handy for zapping other things, namely your friend Cornelius. Or, as shown in the above video, your own tongue.

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