Zombie Hand Ice Mold

Posted: January 23, 2014
Zombie Hand Ice Mold
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From amidst the screams and chaos, the tension and the trash talk, the chili cheese dip and the chicken wings, a lone zombie hand breaks the surface. Rises up from the pooled blood of Mary. And what's this? Is it parading a trophy from its carnage? A...a...mmm, a pickled green bean. Plus, oh boy, a fat meat straw next to its thumb!

The zombie hand ice mold: I see it. I need it. My back-to-back Sunday Super Bowl and Walking Dead premiere parties cannot take place without it!

Filled with water and left to freeze, this clever mold forms a giant 3D zombie hand that plays equal parts drink chiller and creepy piece of sculptural art. Henceforth, no drink with tomato juice, cranberry juice, or pig's blood will be complete in absence of it.

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