WaterBrick Stackable Water & Food Storage

Posted: December 14, 2017
WaterBrick Stackable Water & Food Storage
$17 - $176
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WaterBricks help you prep for emergencies, road trips, and unpacking the groceries after a biannual trip to Costco. The stackable water and food storage containers are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) strong enough to withstand years of knocks and bumps in the back of a truck, and have 2 interior conical reinforcement columns designed to keep them locked together even in a disaster.

WatreBricks come in multiple shapes and sizes, most BPA-free and suitable for holding water and food without leaching chemicals into them. WaterBrick also makes AmmoBricks for storing ammunition, plastic cubes that are lighter than metal military ammo cans, and fit together with all of the other storage bricks in the WaterBrick system.

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