Wall-Mounted Shark Bottle Opener

Posted: August 10, 2014
Wall-Mounted Shark Bottle Opener

Welcome to Shark Week 2014. Well, we're mere hours from its launch anyway. And you know you're going to want to crack a brew at 8/7 Central Time tonight when things officially kick off. Too late to use this wicked wall-mounted shark bottle opener from Hot Rockin' Belle to do the honors this year, but this is the type of impulse buy that I'm sure will both stand the test of time, and come in handy even once the Discovery Channel's celebration of Satan's earthly minions concludes. Halloween. The mancave. A particularly well-appointed bathroom. There's really no time or place not suitable for the great white cap extractor.

The shark bottle opener is hand cast from resin and has a pewter finish. Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, it measures 6.7" x 5.5", and comes with all necessary wall mounting hardware.

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