VinniBag Bottle Protector

By: on April 10, 2014
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VinniBag is the answer to the call of Fra-gee-lay. Case in point: one time, back when I had a sugar mama, I went to Chilean wine country and while going through customs upon returning to my homeland I watched a dude pick up his suitcase from the baggage claim conveyor belt and a steady stream of wine was just pouring out of every one of its crevices. And I thought, You poor bastard. Everything you own is now ruined. Man am I glad I packed the wine in my girlfriend's luggage.

Engineered specifically to withstand air travel and high altitudes, VinniBag endeavors to prevent these very SOL experiences. And now that I'm single, responsible for transporting my own wine and other breakables across the world, I could probably use one. Though tailored to fit a 750mL wine bottle, VinniBag's design and composition can protect any glass or otherwise fragile item that fits within its inner pouch from jostling and impact, plus significant changes in air pressure and temperatures. Additional examples of VinniBag candidates include champagne, olive oil, certain spirit bottles, perfume, jams and other specialty foods in glass jars, and crystal vases.

VinniBag performs well during travel by air, car, boat, bike, rail, or backpack since its inner chamber's open architecture conforms to the enclosed object, immobilizing it and cushioning its entire surface area. When sealed, VinniBag also provides leakage protection, making it an option for storing shampoo bottles and other toiletries that tend to ooze during temperature and pressure changes.

VinniBag's are reusable for as long as they're properly cared for. Product dimensions are 23" long x 8-1/2" wide while flat and 16" long x 17-1/2" wide when inflated. It can hold bottles up to 13" tall.

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The BevBuckle - Retractable Drink Holder Belt Buckle

$24.95 - $34.95 from BevBuckle »

The BevBuckle is business in the front...wait...nah. It's a chunky metal belt buckle with your choice of anything from a longhorn to a largemouth bass on it that flips down to form a perfectly sized, perfectly stable...

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CigarzUp Beer Bottle Cigar Holder

$11.99 from Amazon »

A beer in one hand, a cigar in...the same hand. CigarzUp, yep, keeps your cigar up, and at the ready, when you're enjoying a smoke alongside a bottled cold one....

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Embarrassing Box Prank Mailer (NSFW)

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D*ck in a Box is back! Just in time to dil-dole out some good times at the office and an April Fool's Day gift or two. Like many popular send-it-anonymously pranks, maker Witty Yeti will take a sworn oath to mail your...

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SALT Self-Defense Gun

$299.99 - $349.99 from Salt Supply »

Lorenzo Maggiore already figured out how to A-Salt bugs in an effort keep our extermination of insects simple, clean, and green. Now we have a means of SALTing humans, this time in an effort to keep our defense against...

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Embrava Best Ever Water Bottle

$37.95 from Amazon »

Embrava's water bottle is hands down (and bottoms up) the best water bottle I've ever owned. I'll grant, whether you agree with me or not depends on what you're looking for in a water bottle, but if we have similar requirements...

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Fast Strike Self Defense Weapon

$22.95 from Amazon »

It's called Fast Strike and - whirwhack! - it's gonna sting. The non-lethal self defense weapon looks like the antenna on the cordless phone my family had growing up. Which, coincidentally, also kinda hurt when someone...

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Nimble Finger Blade

$9.95 from Amazon »

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack run your finger blade through that gift wrap like a laser cutter through a sheet of acrylic. The Nimble Safety Cutter slips over a finger - any one of them, you pick - and allows you...

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Life Armor Disaster Shelter

$5k from Seikoh »

The recent, tragic path of Hurricane Sandy reminds us that disaster planning shouldn't just be relegated to theoretical discussions and jokes about Zombie Apocalypses. Seikoh's Life Armor Disaster Shelter can accommodate...

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ZORE X Smart Gun Lock

$95 - $169 from ZORE »

A couple years ago we saw Armatix's attempt to smarten up gun safety with a system that pairs your firearm with a digital watch, allowing the former to shoot only when it is within range of the latter. ZORE has a different...

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In Case Of Cabinets

$200 from In Case Of »

In case of a zombie, vampire, werewolf, or demon emergency take this tiny sledgehammer, break the glass, and prepare to fight for your life. Or run like a girl while tossing Holy Water over your shoulder. In Case Of cabinets...

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Go Guarded Self Defense Ring

$15.99 from Amazon »

I bought my girlfriend, She-Ra: Princess of Power, a purple Brutus the Bulldog keychain to serve as her attacker ass-kicking assistant, but I'll admit when it arrived, it turned out to be a lot bigger and clunkier that...

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The Espire Gas Mask

Carlos Schreib created the Espire respirator for professional varnishers and chemical engineers who don't want to work with a heavy filter over their mouth or walk around the office looking like an evil steampunk doktor....