VacuVita Food Preservation System

Posted: September 19, 2013
$149 - $179
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VacuVita is a vacuum-powered food preservation system that sets itself apart by not requiring the purchase and use of special plastic bags that shrivel up around their contents and make all food look like animal intestines. Rather, VacuVita keeps victuals fresh for up to 5 times longer with its accompanying Coveros, 3 sizes of oblong containers that accept edibles in almost any form, from loose to bagged to raw to prepared to miraculously shaped like the Virgin Mary.

Upon closing the VacuVita cover the system's vacuum activates, ejecting air and moisture, and slowing the food spoilage process considerably. It's kind of like how LL Cool J and John Stamos sleep in sarcophaguses made of ice that decelerate the aging process and keep them looking exactly the same today as they did 20 years ago. Food retains its youthful vigor and swagger for longer, and waste of both good money and a good meal go down.

The vacuum portion (a large Covero lid) of the VacuVita system can be used to cover and store foods kept at room temperature, such as cookies, coffee, nuts, and various types of fresh produce. For items kept in the refrigerator or freezer, a VacuVita hose connects to additional Coveros to establish the same seal of freshness. The main VacuVita component includes a 2-gallon container, the same size as a large Covero. Medium and small Coveros hold 1 and 1/2 gallon respectively.

Downside: at this point, the S, M, L sizing system, plus a range of Covero colors, are the only means of differentiating between containers. I think this is kind of a big problem. I mean, I enjoy slapping duct tape and Sharpie scribbles on everything I can and all, but I feel like the VacuVita honchos need to figure out a failsafe way to aid users in determining whether the red box holds their gift-from-the-Baby-Jesus BBQ brisket or their girlfriend's ruler-to-the-knuckles-from-a-nun steamed yams and kale. Right now, these efforts are still in development.

VacuVita is currently in the crowdfunding stage, which has been very successful, and working on creating its first production run.

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