Vacuum Pot Coffee Maker

Posted: May 28, 2014
Siphon Vacuum Coffee Maker
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While Hario's Syphon vacuum pot coffee maker looks like a way more complicated way to get a cup of coffee than stopping by the drive-thru espresso stand in my grocery store's parking lot, the company deems the Syphon's method a "wonderfully impressive visual spectacle". And if I'm a sucker for anything, I'm a sucker for a spectacle. Particularly those involving large-chested women and Slip 'n' Slides, but those involving boiling water getting sucked up and swished around with a pile of coffee grounds, and then spat back down for drinking seems pretty cool too.

Made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the Syphon brews 12 ounces of your favorite coffee fresh from the vacuum. The mad scientist set also includes a soot-free denatured alcohol burner. Reviews are generally positive, though some do note that coffee siphoning requires a good chunk more time and elbow grease than dumping in water and Folgers and flicking the red button on your Mr. Coffee.

The Hario Syphon coffee maker is a top Dude Gift for the Kitchen pick.

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