Torq Nutcracker

Posted: February 28, 2018
Torq Nutcracker
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I cannot trust the Torq Nutcracker to meet my pecan-crushing needs without a video. Come on, where's the video of this wicked-looking feat of black steel and 3D printing turning, turning, turning and cracking, cracking, cracking the helpless shells of my favorite tree droppings?

What I can tell from the Torq Nutcracker still shots is that Josh Owen's design-heavy take on the tool is a standout amongst nutcrackers. I still like the Naomi Spring Nutcracker a little better because it seems like a barrel of monkeys to use (and has a video demo) but the Torq definitely wins in the looks department. Heavy-duty, matte black, and ultra-industrial, it mugs as a real Man Tool, and if you can spare the cash, would probably make a pretty great gift for a man.

Presumably one without a nut allergy.

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