Thermal/Cooling Appetizer Plate

Posted: November 13, 2013
Thermal/Cooling Appetizer Plate

Mmmm I do like me some hot hot wings and some cold cold cuts. I also like the word "soapstone", which reminds me of one of my favorite childhood treats: licking bars of Ivory soap. No joke. It's as mild and pleasurable on the tongue as it is on the skin.

Sparq's repurposed soapstone appetizer tray has the ability to hold temperatures both hot and cold for hours. "Charge" it in the fridge or freezer to preserve and elegantly present apps such as fruit, cheese, sushi, and ants on a log, or in the oven to maintain the toastiness of egg rolls, grilled skewers, and Pop Tarts.

Party Tip: Use Sparq stones for course 1 and SteakStones for course 2 to achieve the ultimate in meals centered around slabs of metamorphic rock.

Muchas danke to Drool'd.

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