The Porthole Infuser

Posted: March 04, 2016
The Porthole Infuser

Portholes of ships and submarines, designer Martin Kastner's inspiration for his Porthole infusion vessels, don't always conjure images as beautiful as the one we see here. Sure, there's the dreamy romanticism of being at sea, the world laid before you in undulating waves, brilliant sunsets, and wide openness. Then there's the reality: seasickness; gut sickness; and living with salty, smelly people in confined spaces.

Thankfully, Kastner's Portholes keep us on dry land, and are able to maintain the pleasant visions of sailing the high seas. They also capture the toothsome enhancements infusions of alcohol, oils, and dressings can add to our meals.

The Porthole holds 13 ounces of your choice of liquid, and includes 4 different recipes for creating infusions as tasty as they are visually stunning placed on your bar or table. Bottles are 7" in diameter.

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