The Naked Cooler

Posted: June 01, 2015
$80 - $120
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When I think of a Naked Cooler I imagine a big rectangular box that's really cold and full of naked people. Kind of like a sauna. But cold. And with the exception of myself, containing ladies only. But since that project is not currently available for me to back on Kickstarter, I guess this transparent ice chest version of a Naked Cooler will suffice.

Some of you might remember that last summer's golden child of crowdfunding was also a cooler. And while the Naked Cooler isn't packed with a bunch of gadgets and battery-powered tech, and doesn't glorify itself with superlatives like "The Coolest", it does hope to earn at least $200,000 worth of support from the public for its sleek design and 360-degree content visibility. According to Naked makers Adam Patterson and business partner Scott Hartnell, this cooler is the "durable and classy alternative to every busted and broken cooler youíve had living in your garage since 1997."

Naked Cooler features include:

  • Windows. Four clear panes keep drinks visible from the outside, without compromising the cooler's ability to keep them cold on the inside. No more playing Go-Fish in the ice until your hand goes so numb you can no longer use it to hold the Bud Light Light you were finally able to dig out.
  • Easy Transport courtesy of a telescopic handle and wheels, easy cleaning with a hinged lid and bottom drain.
  • Simple accessories, such as a removable 14" x 10" ice bin and cup holder large enough for 18 drinks.
  • 2" thick internal foam insulation to keep ice frozen for a full 24 hours.
  • With the ice bin/cup holder removed, the Naked Cooler has 50 quarts of space to hold 50+ cans of brew.

If you want to get Naked, pledge for your Naked Cooler--completely naked, if you like--online through Kickstarter by June 30, 2015. You'll enjoy a $70 to $30 discount (depending on how early you back the project), but will have to wait almost a year to get the goods. Anticipated delivery to backers is March 2016. Coolers are available with Pink, Blue, Orange, or Green accents.

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