Tetris Sandwich Cutter

Posted: July 05, 2013
Tetris Sandwich Cutter
  • Tetris Sandwich Cutter
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What can I say about the Tetris sandwich cutter except that it cuts sandwiches into shapes based on the all-time best of all games of all time? UNO can barely crawl out of its little paper carton in the presence of Tetris and Monopoly won't even show up to Tetris' birthday party out of fear its simple-minded monotony won't be able to comprehend Tetris' fascinating cerebral twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

So basically, if you want people to think your kid, or you yourself, are the all-time best something and of above average intelligence...even if they/you are not...invest in a Tetris sandwich cutter.

My logic, it is impenetrable.


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