Tetris Heat Change Mug

Posted: August 01, 2013
  • Tetris Heat Change Mug
  • Tetris Heat Change Mug
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Oh balls. I mean, oh geometric block shapes. Now even drinking my morning coffee is going to turn into an exercise in quick critical thinking and spatial recognition. At least it appears that heat from the liquid poured into this Tetris coffee mug, not my gimp 6 a.m. brain, will take on the responsibility of stacking rods and Ts in even, gap-free, brick-blasting rows. Does the mug sing the song too? Nice and calm and electronic-y to start, and then faster...and faster...and fasterandfasterandfaster until you just can't get the refills in and the rim to your lips quick enough to keep up for the love of God!

JFYI, Game Over for losers of Tetris: Heat Change Mug Edition is punctuated by hot coffee bursting geyser-style in your face.

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