TankH2O SCUBA Tank Water Bottle

By: on June 10, 2017
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The TankH2O, a water bottle designed in the image of a SCUBA tank, invites you dive into and suck down the kind of water that will hydrate you after you finish diving into and sucking down the kind that makes you gag and choke and feel like a witch hexed you to desiccate.

The TankH2O bottle is made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and has SCUBA-themed flourishes including a scene of a diver swimming through a wreck, a black cylinder boot base, and a sweet tank valve cap. I don't know if the cap gets down to O-ring accuracy, but either way the TankH2O water bottle is an obvious choice for anyone looking for a gift for a diver. Or a gift for a beer lover for that matter - the image gallery above suggests you can take it to the taps for a 750 mL draft pour too.