SYNEK Countertop Draft Beer System

Posted: July 05, 2014
$299 - $349
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I love this bar. It also happens to be my kitchen. Or so it will be if SYNEK and its creators have their way. The countertop draft system has been designed to serve any beer fresh from the tap, preserving its original taste and quality within patent-pending SYNEK bags, and allowing pint-to-pint bag swaps for 30+ days.

Any local pub or brewery that can fill a growler will be able to fill a SYNEK bag with little extra effort. SYNEK will provide all draft system owners, plus any bar/brewery that wants one, with a free SYNEK adapter for beer transfer from tap to bag. The adapter is essentially a short hose with a valve that connects to taps on one end and a snap-on module for SYNEK cartridge connection at the other. SYNEK hopes their method will grow to be preferable since growler content lasts only about 2 days after the bottles are opened, but SYNEK bagged beer will pour fresh through the tap on its draft system for over a month.

Additionally, the bags can hold up to 30 PSI and are vacuum-sealed and UV-protected, so unopened they should maintain quality for several months. Compact, stackable, and not made of glass, they should also be easier to store.

As mentioned, the SYNEK draft system is sized for the countertop--its dimensions are no bigger than those of a toaster oven--so owners can pour tap-fresh beers from virtually anywhere. And since bags preserve their carbonation for weeks even after opening, it is no problem to change out cartridges and swap an IPA for a Pilsner in between pours.

The SYNEK is a draft beer system runs as a Kickstarter campaign through July 24, 2014, with an estimated April 2015 delivery to backers. SYNEK also says that both during and after its Kickstarter run any backer not satisfied with the project's progress or final product will receive a 100% refund of his/her pledge money.

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