SunRocket Solar Kettle - Boil Water with Sunlight

Posted: May 30, 2013
SunRocket Solar Kettle - Boil Water with Sunlight
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Isn't it funny how the sun might give us cancer and kill us, but we likewise need it to survive, and also it can boil water in as little as 30 minutes with the help of a SunRocket Solar Kettle? The portable water heater and thermos uses an evacuated tube and reflective panel boosters to heat water--or snow; check it in the video--using only the rays of Ra. When folded back up, the container will keep its contents hot for hours.

Camping, hiking, boating, emergency preparation, boredom, there are any number of reasons to own and employ a simple, stove-free method of boiling water. I wonder how long the SunRocket would take to heat up my frozen corndog if I stuck it in there.

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