Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set

Posted: December 28, 2015
  • Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set
  • Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set
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From the Milky Way to a galaxy far, far away. After our own solar system proved to be a stellar success amongst MVEMJSUN lovers, Star Wars is taking its turn to front Think Geek's latest Planetary Glassware Set. Meet ADTDHE: Alderaan; Death Star*; Tatooine; Dagobah; Hoth; and Endor*. Six byoo-tee-ful representations of the Star Wars universe fashioned into 10-ounce bringers of the drink. Note: Hoth's preferred drinks are ice cream and slurpees.

Each of the 6 Star Wars Planetary Glasses is made of, uh, glass, and the planets' design and appearance comes from a high-temp heat wrap. My Scotches on the rocks can't wait.

*I know, the Death Star and Endor aren't technically planets, but Pluto and the Sun aren't technically planets either, and Think Geek was still benevolent enough to include them in the first set of glasses.

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