SANS Juice & Smoothie Preserving Travel Bottle

Posted: March 27, 2017
SANS Juice & Smoothie Preserving Travel Bottle

Pump up the jam, or at least its squeezed and blended fruit components, with the SANS, a travel bottle for juices and smoothies whose built-in vacuum pump mechanism is designed to preserve your drinks in their freshest and most nutritious forms.

SANS notes that juicing, blending, even just cutting into fruits and vegetables kicks off an oxidation process that begins sucking them of their nutrients, and leading them down the path towards spoiled rotten. The SANS pump system allows you to remove air and seal off your drink from further exposure with a few pushes of the vacuum pump built into the bottle's lid.

The 16-ounce SANS bottle is made of glass and comes with a protective silicone sleeve. The pump lid locks and unlocks to release the pump as needed.

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