Pub-Nub Bike-Mounted Bottle Opener

Posted: June 18, 2015
Pub-Nub Bike-Mounted Bottle Opener

Most people I've seen riding bikes shouldn't even be allowed to do it hanging on tight and sober, much less fiddling with a bottle and opener on their handlebar and drunk. Nonetheless, this Pub-Nub bike-mounted bottle opener is pretty cool! The oblong insert presses and secures into the end of a handlebar, giving cyclists perpetual access to an opener on the underside for all those century rides that beg for a beer at the end. Or in the middle.

Or if you're me, before they begin, which will most likely lead to second, third, and sixth beers and the Pub-Nub being the only part of the bike I use that day at all. Partly because hand-eye coordination and I will have parted ways, but more because: 1) Why would anyone ever ride a bicycle for 100 miles if they aren't being chased by zombies or a crazy redhead; 2) Carrying glass bottles on your back during a bike ride is heavy, uncomfortable, and could result in life-threatening impalement if you crash. Better just to dump the Bud Light Lime in a CamelBack; 3) Despite what everyone said in college, I'm pretty sure the po in most states will still give you a DUI for riding a bike drunk.

But again, nonetheless, this Pub-Nub bike-mounted bottle opener is pretty cool! It's made of aluminum and rubber and available in colors matte black and matte silver. Hips back, knees ahead, hands steady, and bottoms up!

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