Prep Pad Smart Food Scale

By: on September 15, 2014
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If you had a Prep Pad bumper sticker it would say, My food scale is an honor student. More than just showing how much the avocado weighs and flashing some pre-programmed nutritional information about a pound of pork loin, this smart slab connects via Bluetooth to an iPad 3, 4, Mini, or Air to provide real-time insight into your food. That includes solo pieces of fruit or hunks of meat, as well as complete dishes, both store-bought and homemade alike.

As with all trusty devices termed "smart", Orange Chef's Prep Pad outputs data. Lots of it. But to keep the data meaningful, and avoid overwhelming users, the scale's accompanying Countertop app uses an accessible, highly visual interface to interpret the numbers for you. The images and graphs on screen provide both specific details about what you're about to ingest, and an overall picture of the Padded food's contents (i.e., what types of contributions it will make to your gut and ass.)

Prep Pads are accurate to within 1 gram and can provide feedback on the carbs, proteins, calories, weight, and micronutrients in dishes weighing up to 15 pounds. At 6" x 9" x 0.8" the apparatus is thin and compact, similar to a cutting board, and as easy to store in kitchens lacking the countertop space for its permanent display. The Prep Pad top surface is made of a non-porous recycled paper composite that can be sanitized and wiped clean.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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WaterBrick Stackable Water & Food Storage

$17 - $176 from Amazon »

WaterBricks help you prep for emergencies, road trips, and unpacking the groceries after a biannual trip to Costco. The stackable water and food storage containers are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) strong enough...

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The Groundfridge

Bomb shelter? Underground fort? Not really. But Dutch designer Floris Schoonderbeek's Groundfridge is big enough for me to pop a squat inside and go all Jabba the Hutt chowing down on the 1,100 pounds food and drink she...

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Foodini 3D Food Printer

$999 - $1,200 from Natural Machines »

I am 0% surprised that someone made a 3D food printer. If we can print jewelry and home decor and machine parts and sugar, why shouldn't we be able to print dinner? Barcelona-based company Natural Machines has created...

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Imperial Spherificator - Turn Any Food Into Caviar

$119.99 from Amazon »

The Imperial Spherificator. Sounds like something you'd find alongside Mega Maid in Lord Dark Helmet's cache of planet-destroying weapons. But in fact, this superbly named device isn't meant for destruction or Mel Brooks...

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F*ck, That's Delicious

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When I see the title F*ck, That's Delicious, all I can think of are the words, "Mm-hmm! This is a tasty burger!" I wonder if Action Bronson uses Jules Winnfield, or the Jules Winnfield talking action fig

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10-Pound Toblerone Bar

$105.92 from Amazon »

Toblerone has built 45, 100-gram servings into their 10-pound mountain range of chocolate, honey, and almond nougat. That's:...

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bolo Rolling Knife

$11 - $24 from bolo »

It's Edward Scissorhands 2.0. I wonder if bolo can craft topiaries as well as it minces garlic, slices carrots, and dices onions. This kitchen knife with a curved blade and "O" handle rolls through rather than chops down...

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1 Year Food Storage

$1,499.99 from Costco »

And I thought a Costco-sized can of baked beans was big. The stock-up store's contributions to hunger management have always been supersized, so it should come as no surprise that their idea of an emergency preparedness...

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Moon Cheese

$8.01 - $48.60 from Amazon »

Moon Cheese is for people who want to eat snacks that are low-carb and gluten-free, and also for people who want to eat snacks that are effing delicious. How do I describe it? Imagine eating Cheetos built entirely from...

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Soylent - Dog Food for Humans

$34 from Amazon »

Nary a week goes by that I don't hear about how my friend DeAndre just wishes they made a dog food for humans. Something containing all necessary nutrients, adequate calories, and appropriate protein:carb:fat ratios that...

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Soylent Coffiest

$15.89 - $82 from Amazon »

A few years ago we got our first taste of Soylent, a meal replacement drink that essentially amounts to dog food for humans. (Yeah, yeah, or maybe...it is humans!) Day in, day out, Soylent tastes exactly the same, and...

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FOODsniffer Food Freshness Tester

$129.99 from FOODsniffer »

You don't need a trained bloodhound or a night of explosive diarrhea and vomiting out the nose to figure out if your food's gone bad anymore. FOODsniffer is a portable "eNose" that will test your meat, poultry, and fish...